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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  April 12, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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starts right now. >> interstate 880 has opened after a huge traffic mess this morning. >> this all happened right after the merging oakland this morning. right-hand lanes were blocked his ejection street exit. the chp -- near the street exit. the chp issued a warning and fortunately no other cars were involved. these are finally getting back to normal. a young mother killed with her daughter and three other passengers in a car crash faced dui charges in a previous accident. 21-year-old anna lise montoya was at the wheel turday near rio vista which he tried to pass a car. montoya was killed with her 3- year-old daughter and two of her friends. the previous charges stemmed
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from a collision in september. no word on whether or not she was intoxicated. in the east bay there is going concern up another shooting a long i-80 and richmond. alex savidge reports. >> reporter: drivers we talked to are generally concerned about what is going on. the latest car to car shooting happened here along this stretch of i-80 near this road on the eastbound lanes of the freeway at 8:30 on sunday night. the good news is nobody was hurt. authorities say a minivan pulled alongside a taxi carrying two passengers at the time. somebody opened fire on the taxi . the taxi driver then pulled off of the freeway into a parking lot were those passengers then ran off before
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police could get there. this was the 17th car to car shooting since late last year. two people have been killed. authorities believe the victims have been targeted as part of a gang feud. the ongoing violence has many drivers on edge. >> it is really concerning because i do drive every day. and i cross that little section where there is all the shooting. you never know if it's going to hit you or not. >> reporter: right now the chp is working alongside federal law enforcement agencies to catch those responsible for these shootings. just last week they carried out a joint raid with one man having a possible connection to these cases and he was taken into custody. the chp is continue to step up patrols on this freeway and urging all drivers to keep their eyes open and report anything suspicious.
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we will send it back to you. san francisco police are also asking for the public's help to find two people suspected in the deadly stabbing of a british tourist. the one on the left is the male suspect and on the right is the female. they are both wanted. the stabbing happened between frankland and golf on february 18. the surveillance video shows three people getting into a confrontation. in the video you just saw the victim trying to walk away. he is eventually stabbed by the male suspect. he was with his niece during the attack who was not hurt. anyone with him -- information is too cold the san francisco police -- is too cold -- to call the san francisco police. a man was reported prowling through a woman's yard. he was also reported to police
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after another camera caught him taking several bikes. >> i would rather not have anybody like that around me. i have two kids. i think i would be pretty alarmed if i saw that. >> police also asking people who lived in the oakland hills for any surveillance video to show the thief. the next big earthquake to hit san francisco could cause more damage than previously thought. there would be a magnitude 7 causing movement of the wall that stretches between fisherman's wharf and the park. the movement could lead to cracks impacting transportation and damaging buildings. the city needs to billion dollars in repairs to make it earthquake safe. there is a new legal claim in berkeley. three young women who said they left the balcony just before it
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collapsed are now suing builders , owners, and the management company. the women say they could have been killed. the warning signs of extensive water damage were ignored. the balcony collapse killed six students last june. the cdc issued a warning on the zika virus took health officials say there is a much higher potential than originally thought were the virus to spread here in the u.s. ktuv's jana katsuyama explains the risk. >> reporter: they issued a warning about the zika virus. >> we have learned that the virus is linked to a broader set of complications not just microcephaly but also prematurity, eye problems and other conditions. >> reporter: zika is also linked with other problems that attack the brain. hundreds of
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travel related cases have been diagnosed in the u.s. with local transmission in puerto rico. the mosquito appears to be present in a wider area than previously thought. >> instead of about 12 states with the mosquito, we believe it is about 30 states who have the mosquito present. >> reporter: the zika virus was a hot topic which wrapped up its three-day conference. >> the concern is enormous and escalating. >> reporter: was in 1800 experts gathered at the hilton union square. there was an emergency section on the zika virus. >> what is going on between different experts and universities and medicine. the concern is palpable. >> we just need to know what is going on in other parts of the world.
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we need to find solutions. >> reporter: stopping the spread can be challenging because many might not realize they are carrying it. >> it's like a little cold and flu. >> you may not even take a sick day. but if your infectious, you can spread the disease. >> reporter: in february congress asked the white house for $2 billion. defending his slowly -- the funding is slowly running out. >> it would help bring us further but it's still not what we want. when the president asked for the money, we needed. >> reporter: jana katsuyama , ktvu , fox 2 news. >> they are hoping to have the first candidate ready for a clinical trial in september. lands were unveiled for a first filipino heritage district in san francisco's soft market
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neighborhood. a deal was struck to prevent the infection of filipino families -- election of -- eviction of filipino families. there was an escrow on the building. we know affordable housing production is incredibly important. but we now just as important is preservation for every affordable housing we built here in san francisco, we lose one rent-controlled unit. this is housing for a working- class families and middle-class families. >> the plan introduced by supervisor came establishes a social district including more than 25 historic building sites to honor the center for filipino american culture in san francisco. the speaker of the house is
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getting ready for a big announcement today. coming up paul ryan is going to say what he wants a part of. coming up meteorologist steve paulson will tell us when the week will get a little bit brighter. by trump says his children feel guilty about not being able to vote for him coming up.
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(music plays from one way or another )♪♪
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♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette) today house speaker paul
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ryan is expected to say he would not accept the nomination for president. >> his name has been mentioned if donald trump does not get enough delegates to win the nomination. ryan has been through a similar scenario before. you remember he denied wanting the speaker role last fall but wound up taking the job anyway. this statement could come at any time and we will bring you the latest this afternoon. new york is the second biggest delegate grab in the 2016 race. >> as the big day comes up so does the pinnacle attacks. we have the latest from the campaign trail. >> it's also the one year anniversary of my journey and my campaign. >> reporter: hillary clinton hoping to reverse course. the front-runner holding on to
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a double-digit lead over bernie sanders. the vermont senator has momentum on his side winning the last seven contests. >> you are part of millions of people who are standing up and fighting back and demanding a government that works for all of us. >> reporter: john kasich tired of all the negative campaigning delivering a speech entitled -- reminding americans their actual solutions to fixing america's problems. >> i will not take the low road. >> reporter: despite kasich's police for civility, ted cruz hammering donald trump for calling the republican process rigged, and corrupt after the billionaire lost all 34 of colorado's delegates took >> when donald loses, he gets a very unhappy. he yells and screams and stamped his foot.
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>> reporter: donald trump continued to hold onto 50% of the vote in new york safe as possible vice presidential pick would be marker reveal, john kasich, or scott walker. donald trump learned there are two votes they cannot count on. his children. eric and ivanka apparently didn't register to vote in time. trump says they feel very guilty and added they were not aware. recent rains appear to have caused a sinkhole in the central valley yesterday north of fresno. a camera was rolling when part of the street collapsed into a sewage line. madero police say the crews are working to repair the roadway but don't know when it will reopen. all of the rain and snow is
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making for spectacular views at the yosemite national park. the waterfalls will reach their peak between now and may. right now they are the best they have been in a long time. last weekend the park closed for a few days because of high water. overcast skies in the bay and meteorologist steve paulson joins us live in danville. >> reporter: actually, we thought we would come out and get a little sun but it's cloudy and cold very unusual i am waiting for the sun to break through but has not. because we are into april, without we will talk about some of the vegetables beginning to show up here. from maybe your farmers market, our expert from taylor farms will start over here and work our way here. before the buzz will be this -- this is the key today.
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not get. >> the flowers of the zucchini. artichokes are in great supply right now with the quality very good. we've also got golden beets. >> reporter: i thought i heard gasia loves the beets. >> we also have the purple kale and green leaf and butter lettuce. the lettuce has gone from one extreme to the other on the prices. they are probably the lowest we have seen for some time. you can get them around $1.49 a head which is a significant reduction over what they were a few months ago. they are coming out of yuma still. those our baby yellows -- are baby yellows.
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>> reporter: but the star of the show today is the zucchini blossoms. >> we have been to be here in danville where they specialize in this. zucchini blossoms are not available yet because the heat we had last week has everything coming in a little bit early. we thought it would be a great time to talk about these blossoms took this restaurant here makes some dishes. >> reporter: coming up we will talk about that but first the weather. it's freezing here. we will take a look over here and we have a lot of clouds. i talked to a friend of mine on the north bay. another weak system is coming keeping us cool through probably friday morning. then we will start to see some better weather on the weekend. we have a little bit of rain early thursday and then after that we have a nice weekend.
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next week is looking unsettled again. when we come back, gasia and mike, we will show you how to cook up these blossoms. >> they are only here for three weeks. you really have to jump on it when they are available. >> reporter: that is very true. it's a short shelf life. that's correct. >> i look forward to it. thank you. californians who take paid family leave will be getting a nice used in pay. governor jerry brown signed a law that will raise the compensation level for family leave. currently they get 55% of their pay but they will get 60% for people with higher salaries and most people take the six weeks of paid leave. others use it to care for sick family members. >> we want to do as much as we
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can in a creative way to make sure that everybody has a decent life -- particularly the kids coming along. when the mothers can take off some time and the fathers, or when family members become ill, that is huge. >> the changes take effect in 2018. just last week san francisco approved some of the best benefits in the country making it mandatory to provide mandatory time off. today is equal pay day. president obama is calling on congress to pass another law. >> equal pay for equal work should be a fundamental principle of our economy. the idea of whether you are a teacher or a business executive or a professional soccer player your work should be equally valued and rewarded. whether you are a man or a woman.
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it's a simple idea. it is a simple principle. >> the president said congress should pass the act to protect the rights of all workers. he also marked this equal pay day by designating a new national monument in washington dc it is a new belmont women's equality national monument. they are both figures in the suffrage movement. facebook says it has no pay gap financing it pays all employees the same for the jobs they do. iker soft announced it employees -- its employees make the same. the announcement came yesterday. the best picks for undergrads rebuild their list of the best colleges for african american students.
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taking a quick look at the new york stock exchange. you can see the dow has been going strong all morning long. at this moment it is up a full percent gaining 160 points. in today's midday market report a weak forecast for global growth and the only pickup truck making headlines has the stories and more.
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>> reporter: the international literary fund cutting its forecast calling for immediate action to reduce the risk of recession. they expect the cold economy to expand three points 5% this year. they made similar cuts to its u.s. forecast shipping they were outlook to the china slowdown. april 12 is equal pay day. it symbolizes how far into the year women must work to earn what man earned in the previous year. they acknowledged the discounts to compensate for the fact on average women make $.79 for every dollar men make. the ford f1 50 was the only pickup truck to score a good scoring. the worst performer was the ram 1500. on wall street have a
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disappointing report from alcoa . the next key earnings come wednesday when the bank of america released the latest numbers. citigroup releases results friday. for more log on to goldman sachs has agreed to pay $5 billion to settle claims it misled investors during the mortgage crisis. the justice department accused them of misleading investors about the safety of mortgage- backed securities. this is the fifth settlement reached by a panel president obama put in place in 2012 to look into the practices of these institutions. the mortgage crisis helped trigger the recession and many americans ended up losing their homes. tesla has a recall. 27 model ask suvs -- x suvs because the third row seat
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could come forward during an accident. they say passengers should avoid using the seat. the vehicles involved were made before march 26 and sold in the united states. 40,000 verizon workers could go on strike tomorrow. it is mostly technicians along the east coast. it includes a lockup way of protections for newer workers and the possibility employees could be required to work too far from home. verizon says it has offered a 6.5% raise and says it's retirement benefits our competitive. at&t has agreed to continue negotiations for a new contract with 16,000 workers in california and nevada. at&t says its wages and benefits are among the best in the country and it is committed to working and talking with the union for a fair contract.
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going to a good college is important and today the 50 best colleges for african-american students was revealed. the top was princeton university held by harvard, duke, and cornell. they take into account which schools offer the best opportunity, educational value, and advantage in the job market. also in the top 10 is yell, north carolina, and the university of maryland college park. there are no california near -- universities on the list. more guns on campus. the surprising twist to a role rule-- new information on the latest investigation between five and the unions to help prevent a strike.
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. we are getting more information about the future of bart and its agency. they reached tentative new contracts. janine dela veeg gatos has reaction from the senator. >> reporter: senator steve blazer said it is not the
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contract, he would have negotiated because he said they are highly paid and they rear a lot of money for upgrades. he is pleased that a strike is avoided. >> this is contra costa and part of alameda. the meeting twreep bart and the unions means a turn around. it should be consistenten uninterrupted through 2021. it gives them a pay increase over four years. now that there appears to be compromise, it will be on rebuilding the system. the trains are the oldest in the country and public trust is slipping. because many fail the trains are not reliable. >> it is my hope that prior to placing the measure on the it, to guild the confidence. and our money will be used well within the bart system so we can reinvest in it.
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>> it needs to raise millions and plans on asking voters to pass the sales tax and bond measure to pay for that. senator glazer is worried about it being accountable to riders. it needs to be approved by labor and management. no fare hike to pay for the raises. the record ridership is helping to pay for that. reporting from walnut creek, janine de la vega. this is where a mother worked before she was killed. she was fund in mclaren park. there are still no signs of her 2-year-old daughter arian napa valley. they have -- ariana and they have been looking in fresno and northern california. sources tell ktvu that she was severely beaten. one person that lived next door to her in pacifica said she was
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shocked. >> i was just boggled. i don't understand how this could happen. they seem like really nice people. >> best buy released the following statement saying. we are saddened by the news and our thoughts go out to nicole's loved ones and pray that her daughter is found safely. this released a blurry photo after the incident. according to the chronicle, the sheriff fs department detained a 21-year-old near san leandro. he was booked on sus punish shun of murder. dush dush suspicion of murder. >> he was in the hospital. they said they hit the ground and prayed for their lives after a disgruntled customer opened fire. this happened sunday night where a man jumped up on to a table. weaving what appeared to be a
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rifle. another person was upset with the food and opened fire at the terrified workers. >> it is only, the guys. check my keys. and if something happen. things got like that and they left. >> fortunately no one was hurt. they are on the lookout for the two gunmen. these people were on a side show on the bay bridge. it was posted on instagram and it happened sunday evening outside the bay bridge tunnel. take a look at what happened. traffic came to a full stop. this is a number of one cars doing donuts in the middle of the roadway. by the time they got there, everyone had left. a running coach in morgan hill and private gym owner has been arrested on several charges including sexual assault. david smith was picked up outside his gym called
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wolfpack. they train runners in age from 12 to 60. the charges are all children as well as adults who were assault sd at the gym. according to the concal. wolfsmith is head of the cross country team in morgan hill. they are investigating whether there may be potential victims at the high school and encourage any victims to come forward. they can apply to carry concealed weapons at a central valley high school. they allowed as many as five district employees to have a gun including in classrooms. it is 20 miles south of free. the new -- fresno. and allows them to determine which staff members can have guns based on training and work records. they must agree to use their guns if there is a life-threatening emergency on campus. i think the location of the weapon on the individual is important. and understanding of the
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responsibility that goes along with it. >> district said it is not reacting to any threat against the school with the move. just last month, the cor school district -- cordova school district said they will be allowed to bring guns to school and they are not allowed in classrooms there. merrick garland is back on capitol hill and had a meeting with chuck grassy and he signaled he might not meet with garland. he thinks the late antonin scali. a should be filled by the next president. this is over filling judicial vacancies on the high court and lower federal court. out of turkey, there is concern of violations in the cease-fire. rockets fired from syrian territory have prompted turkey
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to fire back. connor powell in jerusalem with more. >> reporter: turkey's military fires back at isis after the country is hit by shelling from syria. >> they retaliated immediately within the rules of engagement. and hit them. >> this is a turkish border town where several suffered injuries from the rocket get. >> this is home to more than 1 million syrian refugees and have been under fire for two days. >> they can be assured that we will defends the country and maintain order. >> the counter measures taking place as the organization of islamic cooperation meet in istanbul. >> they call for allah sad to go in order to end the semblance of a war. >> reporter: it is time for us to stop the course of events in syria. we need to bring peace to syria. >> a cease-fire to help end the
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brutal conflictd in place since late february. it told all parties involved. this is after the civil war is resolved. but the u.s. is concerned about a recent increase in violence. >> to have it, go off track. and right before the next rounds of proximity talks. and we feel would harm the success of the talks. the next rounds of peace negotiations are set to start on wednesday. in belgium s prosecutor it is say three more people are detaindz in connection with the paris attacks. the three were detained following a morning search in an upscale district in brussels. brussels was home to many of the attackers. killing 130 people. people fled from deadly fire in southern india have
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turned themselves into police to face prosecution. >> 116 people were killed at an illegal fireworks show. they told the temple not to hold the show out of safety concerns. they are now investigating temple board members and fireworks contractors for possible homicide charges. italian coast guard rescued people off the coast of sicily. they were found in inflatable rafts. more than 17,000 migrant consist have arrived in italy since the beginning of the year. they are part of a wave of people trying to escape violence in libya. syria and other nations. they say the migrants were on small boats packed with hundreds of people. this is as austria is trying to tighten its border with ally for fear of influx of refugees. >> this is the regular season wins and making sure they are from oakland and will be there to see it in person.
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we will give you a live look on this tuesday afternoon. up next. steve paulson tells us what to expect for the rest of the week and also, live in danville and he will cook up a treat for us. we will be right back. >>
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. this is being dressed up for the party. the slogan is strength in numbers and that doesn't apply to the postseason. warriors road to 73 season wins and has been a rallying point for the community and near the coliseum since the first tipoff back in october. players and coaches are finding different ways to get in the right spirit. >> power forward. james mcadoo spent some time off the team with younger fans. he was helping the boys and girls club raise money for its programs. >> to be out here and represent the organization at the oakland boys and girls club. it is a blessing. to go around the city and not a lot of love we get and support from the fans. >> that kind of connection with the community has endeared the entire warrior's organization. tomorrow's game sold out and we did just check. least expensive seats i could
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find for resale on line. $396. that is up more than $50 in the last hour. >> the most expensive price here. asking $16,000 and that is up 6,000 from just yesterday. >> and let's do a comparison here. >> playoff tickets. they start at $180. >> warriors green dream it is more. and he is hoping they have a chance. he bought three tickets to give to a deserving child in oakland. and green said during practice today. he wants to give the tickets to a high school student. they can appreciate it. and he feels they earned it and when you do right, good things happen to you. over at you will find the war yors and mark ibanez will sit down with steph curry. look in the sports section of
12:45 pm they lead the american league west and sharing the top spot after a loss to the angels. >> it is five innings and it is a rougher ride in the sixth. mike trout took advantage that would have been good enough to get passed most batters. >> this is the first home run of the season and gave them a 3-0 lead. plus the angels one. 4-1. >> same two teams go at it tonight. they play colorado tonight. the was confusion about which team was on barred. >> back to the bay area. >> this is tweeted by josh reddick of the team's ride home to oakland from seattle. >> you can see the slogan k we are sf. we are giant under the pilot's window. we made the jump to a new plane. >> are you kidding me. >> usually sharing the plane with the dallas mavericks and
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the giants plane was brought in, instead. they were unhappy and the jiep yants didn't seem to mind. the plane is rather giant and enjoy your comfy light. look at weather and cooking something up as well. >> right, steve. by gosh, if you could have smell-o-vision and we are featuring the zucchini blossoms. the sun is trying to breakthrough. oh, my gosh. looks up there, it is still cloudy to mostly cloudy. and it has warmed up a teeny bit and still likes like a a mostly cloudy. and down here towards san jose. we will get a few breaks in the clouds. and we are almost sold out here and temperatures will stay below average. we have another system. one more weak system that has to come through. that is late wednesday and into thursday and the good news is, the weekend looks nice. next week, we get back into
12:47 pm
clouds and cool teaches and maybe some rain. >> we are out in danville and talking to our produce expert. we have to get to these. >> these are? >> squash blossoms. and blossoms can occur not only on ciewk keen any but spaghetti squash. and the summer squash. >> what ever. >> they know them from zucchini. >> if you are growing them. pick them in the morning wher they still tightly closed. and extends the shelf life. >> and put them on a tissue paper. or wax paper. >> they will last three to five to seven days. and you can enjoy one of the dishes. >> these are hot house and they will come in about may. >> they will be early because of the heat we have had. timeframe of somewhere around mid- to late may all the way through august. >> when you cook these up, they know how and some may not know
12:48 pm
how. >> joining us newis enzo rizano. >> how are you. >> wonderful, you it. >> first dish you have is what. >> zucchini flower is a start. this is the first dish. it is the seek keen any flower. and fresh moz rel will and that -- mozzarella. and that is mama right there. >> mama carmella. >> bring the second dish. >> we have one. and we are having a famous dish in napoli. spaghetti with clams. we made the homemade pasta with the clam consist and then add the zucchini flower. >> anything that you want. >> the zucchini flower. and they are fantastic. >> last dish is the. risotto. >> it is risott.
12:49 pm
and italian bacon. >> zucchini and zucchini flower. >> that looks fabulous. >> i wish you could try this. >> do we have a special appearance by the pizza man. the singing pizza man. come on in here. >> voila. >> ♪ >> this is in danville. >> how about that. >> my goodness. >> ciao, ciao, the food looks like art work. i love local produce. >> my day is made. >> couple of minutes of news. now to facebook. they are looking to virtual reality as it looks towards the future of the social network. >> we are building the technology to give everyone the power to share anything they
12:50 pm
want with anyone else. mark zuckerberg said he expects they will be using virtual reality and immerse in environments with each other. >> they have been developed and in the future, the technology will get more interactive. teractive. we will have what is looks like normal looking glasses and can do both augmented reality. and it gives you the ability to see the world. but also to overlay digital objects on top of it. >> he gave the developers a virtual reality head set and headphones for attending the conference. facebook is making more moves to keep users on the site longer. facebook users can share files directly from drop box to
12:51 pm
messer. you will need messenger and drop box apps on the phone and tap the more button without having to use links. it is rolling out gradually and not everybody will have it right away. >> ticketmaster said it will start selling tickets through facebook and the mobile app before the end of the month. it hopes to provide a more seamless purchase experience and sell more tickets. san francisco is introducing a new face. up next, the up close look at the latest young addition to the crew. finally able to meet the public. >> stay with us.
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. quick peek at the new york stock exchange. minutes before the close. the story is the same when we checked this earlier in the newscast. >> it is a good day. up 150 points so far. and s&p and nasdaq up by almost 1%. berkeley woman is celebrating quite a mile stone at her job. helping people at her medical center. he will anyone nor -- eleanor griffin. she was just 20 years-old when she started the first day on the job. now, she is 90 years-old and in all of the years working, she called in sick a total of
12:55 pm
four times. now, she works in patient relations in oakland and berkeley. during the course of her career. she has worked all over the hospital. >> this this business, you never know what is going to happen. so many times you have, you don't have a choice of thinking. that is not even in my job description. you don't have time. you just rise to the occasion. and you do it. she always wears her 3-inch heel. it makes her stand up straight and she said frank sinatra is her favorite. they are still wowing heads and turning heads. this is the opening of the brand new t mobile arena. christiansen showed off a few trick shots. he made a shot from a balcony. more than 100 feet away from the hoop. he also made one on the first
12:56 pm
try from the roof. and of a eight story parking garage. >> come on. the globetrotters are celebrating their world history and they play at the t mobile arena tonight. >> there is a new tall addition to the san francisco zoo. look at the baby giraffe. little girl already more than 6 feet tall. they say both she and her mom barbara are in excellent condition. >> this is all around us these days. one place remains pretty low tech. it is the doctor's office. we are breaking counsel the new numbers about how they communicate with the patients and looking at the simple ways they could bring it into the 21st century. those stories and much more about the anaheim angels in town and made their way to oracle and took them to a couple of shooting games. not so bad for steph and
12:57 pm
company. >> really. i will have to see you. thank you for joining us for the full hour of the noon newscast. don't forget twitter and facebook. >> we will have pizza. >> have a good one. good one.
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